Kindergarten Enrichment

This provides an all-day option for our Kindergarten students, who spend half of the day in the Montessori class and half of the day in the Kindergarten Enrichment class (total time 8:30 to 3:30). It is designed to complement the Montessori class time and to provide a variety of other “Kindergarten”-type activities for the students. There is a nice balance between group, cooperative activities and individual work. We offer both a morning and an afternoon Kindergarten Enrichment session. This literature-based program focuses on classic children’s books. The literature selection provides the theme for the week, and the teacher presents related activities throughout the week to support and enrich the topic. The students focus on reading and writing activities; Handwriting Without Tears® is included daily. This program incorporates the concept of a Teacher-centered environment for part of the class time, but it also features our typical child-centered (independent choice) approach. This exposes children to a more traditional teaching method, in case you choose such an environment—instead of our Montessori Elementary—after Kindergarten. Science Enrichment lessons are presented over the course of the school year, and the students receive Spanish instruction once a week. They also participate in cooking activities that correlate to the weekly theme. The all-day Kindergarteners eat lunch together each day. During this time, we promote healthy food choices, as well as good table manners.