Extended Care and Support Personnel

Morning Extended Care

Jenny Simpson Montessori Teaching Certification (3-6), Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education. Lead Teacher in the morning in Preprimary Extended Care. Although Jenny has been involved with MAC as a parent and as a volunteer for many years, this is her second year as a member of the staff. Her two children are MAC graduates.

AD Wing, BA, Hanover College. She works in the morning Extended Care and has worked here for three years. AD was a Montessori student herself- she attended Community Montessori School in Lexington, KY from age 2 ½ through the 6th grade.  She is the parent of three children who graduated from MAC’s Kindergarten Program.

Jill Angeline, BS (Early Childhood Education), Indiana University. Jill also holds a Kindergarten Endorsement from Xavier University. She has worked with preschool/kindergarten students for over ten years, both as a teacher and director.  This is Jill’s first year at MAC.

Afternoon Extended Care

Sarah Ross, Preprimary Extended Care. Child Development Associate (Early Childhood Education). Sarah graduated from The Child’s Place and later attended the University of Cincinnati. She has worked at MAC’s preprimary summer camp for nine years. Sarah also worked with infants, toddlers and preschool-age children at The Child’s Place (owned by the Elder family). This is her eighth year with MAC’s Extended Care program.

Andi Sferra, BS (Montessori Education), Xavier University. Andi started at MAC as a three-year-old student and re-joined our school as a summer camp teacher in 2013. She has worked as a sub in the Montessori rooms and as a member of our afternoon Preprimary Extended Care staff. She now works with the Transitional Preschool students in the morning and in Extended Care in the afternoon.

Samantha Evans, Master of Arts from DePaul University; BA (English Literature), University of Cincinnati. Samantha will be in Extended Care during lunch time.   Samantha has wanted to become involved in a Montessori environment for many years, and she is excited to be on board at MAC for her first year.

Meghan Yeary, Elementary Extended Care. Culinary Arts Associate (Warren County Career Center). Meghan has worked in the child care area of the Mason Community Center and has experience with children of all ages. She also is a volunteer firefighter! This is her second year at MAC.

Judy Linko, Elementary Extended Care. This is Judy’s first year at MAC.  She has worked in a variety of settings, including retail stores.  She recently moved to the Mason area to be closer to her grandchildren, and she has spent a great deal of time volunteering at her grandchildren’s school.  Judy is a gentle, supportive addition to the Extended Care team.

Patricia Cordoba, Preprimary Extended Care. La Salle, Mexico City (Business Administration); Instituto Britania (Teaching Certificate).  This is Patricia’s fourteenth year at MAC. Prior to joining us, Patricia spent 10 years teaching English to Spanish-speaking students and one year teaching Spanish to English-speaking students. She is also the Spanish instructor for students from three years old through Middle School.

Lunch Room Workers

Karla Starrett has been with MAC since 2007.
This is Meghan Yeary’s second year at MAC.
This is Judy Linko’s first year as a MAC employee.

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