Teaching Specialists

Gabriela Portillo-Martin, Art, 1st – 8th levels. BA (Fine Arts/Art History), Columbus State University in Georgia, Associates degree in Marketing Communications from ECMH University in El Salvador. This is Gaby’s second year with us. She has taught art and art history at art museums, summer programs and private schools in the area. She is also the elementary and Middle School Spanish teacher at a nearby school.

Barbara Bodley, Computer. MA (Educational Technology) Johnson University in Knoxville, MS (Elementary Education) Indiana University. This is Barbara’s first year at MAC. She brings us 19 years of teaching experience in STEM and technology. Most recently, she taught at a private school in the area.

Nancy Huey, Elementary Music and Middle School Performing Arts. BA (Elementary Education) DePauw University. This is Nancy’s fourth year at MAC. She brought us a great deal of experience directing grade-school performing arts troupes, assisting with high school theater productions, and performing as a musician.

Dan Vickers, Physical Education. M.Ed. (Social Studies – Secondary Education) University of Georgia; BA (Sociology) University of Cincinnati. This is Dan’s fourth year with us. He brought us experience as a substitute teacher and as a head coach in soccer and wrestling at the varsity and junior varsity levels. He also had a child graduate from MAC and has two children that are currently attending MAC.

Pam McIntyre, Science, Lower Elementary. BS (Occupational Therapy) Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT. This is Pam’s fourteenth year with us in a teaching capacity; she had many years of experience in public education prior to joining us. She is also a parent of a child graduate from MAC.

Patricia Cordoba, Spanish, 3-year olds through Middle School. La Salle, Mexico City (Business Administration); Instituto Britania (Teaching Certificate). This is Patricia’s thirteenth year at MAC. Prior to joining us, Patricia spent 10 years teaching English to Spanish-speaking students and one year teaching Spanish to English-speaking students. She is also a teacher in the afternoon Extended Care program