Transitional Preschool Teachers

Ankita Sinha, BA (English) from Varanasi Hindu University (Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India). Before joining the MAC staff, she worked as a substitute teacher at a local private school and has experience in an office environment. She works with the Toddlers and Transitional Preschoolers in the afternoon and has a child at MAC.

Brenda Hardyman, Brenda joined us in 2006, working with the preschool age children at The Child’s Place. She continues with that age group here, working with the Transitional Preschool. Brenda has a BA (Early Childhood Education) from the University of Cincinnati and holds an American Montessori International Certificate for the 3-6+ age group.

Nina Rubin, AMS Montessori Teaching Certification (3-6), Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Ed. This is Nina’s sixth year at MAC, and she worked at The Child’s Place for eight years. Prior to that, she worked as a Montessori Teacher at another school in the Cincinnati area. Nina works with the Transitional Preschool students in the morning and with the youngest group of students in a Preprimary (3-6) classroom in the afternoon. Nina also has a child at MAC.

Anu Ghosh, BA (English, Mathematics, and Economics), postgrad work in English Literature. This is Anu’s third year with us. She has been a teaching assistant in a Montessori classroom at another school and has done volunteer work both in India and in the United States. She spent a few years at home with her daughter and joined the MAC staff in 2015, working with the Transitional Preschool.

Andi Sferra, BS (Montessori Education), Xavier University. Andi started at MAC as a three-year-old student and re-joined our school as a summer camp teacher in 2013. She has worked as a sub in the Montessori rooms and as a member of our afternoon Preprimary Extended Care staff. She now works with the Transitional Preschool students in the morning and in Extended Care in the afternoon.